Weener Kleener Soap – Rub a dub dub, just stay in the tub….

RUB-dub-dub, think I'll stay in the tub!

















Weener Kleener Soap is a superlative gift for the tired spouse of that “still horney” middle-aged husband, a god send to the next door neighbors of the mid-40’s pervert who can’t keep his eyes off of their cat, and a blessed a relief to the adult children of those GrandDad’s who are  prone to showing ” just a little too much affection to the grand kids”.  How so?  Glad you asked.

Weener Kleener Soap ensures that the user will now have a nifty, unique way in which to “wash” his weener!  His lower gentalia will stay sweet and clean because he’ll be sure to wash down there EVERY day  – hell,  he might even attempt it three or four times a day!  Why?  Because of the numerous hours of  fun and entertainment he will have “cleaning his own house” –  so to speak.  How is this possible?

Well, with Weener Kleener Soap, the user not only has a safe cleansing agent with which to wash, but the cake of soap is also designed with it’s very own “donut” hole.   A hole in which it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone to  place, and get down to the business of “washing”, his own weener.   And, since the user will now actually  have access to a  HOLE all his own – and one that’s custom made for slipping the weener in and out of the  suds – this means that all YOUR holes – and those of your children and pets – will stay pristine, untouched, and in working condition – the way GOD intended! And, again – all thanks to the soap’s ability to provide a legal diversionary venue in which the user can act out his unwanted “hide the weener” games during bathtime!

So, order one now!   Or Hell, order two or three! (Don’t forget the mailman and Uncle Ned).  Then relax – knowing that you and your loved ones will be safe at home, out and about in the neighborhood and at various  family functions from now on.  And all  because someone’s weener is now being cleaned – and polished – by himself, the fun way!