Say it with STD (cards and letters)

 I saw a link online the other day for STD e-cards and I thought what a great idea! Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it first, so here’s my poorman’s attempt at some Smile, you have an STD notifications of my own.  This first one is a casual “had fun, just thought i’d tell in- a- rhyme” style note:


Kind of cheerful right down to the cartoon crabbies, don’t you think?

This next one is an ode to an old fashioned favorite (and disppearing art from) – the “love letter, dump letter, confession letter etc – handwritten on pre-printed stationary:

Anyone want to go into business with me? I think these might take off – according to my Stats, there’s more Herpified Humans out there  than ever!

Winning SCRATCHER in the humor post lotto…


what determines the amount of blog traffic you get each day?



I was reading a discussion thread today where the topic asked the question, “How many clicks per day do you get to your blog?” – or something to that effect. 

I entered the discussion and proudly announced that one random day (JULY 3, 2009 between the hours of 1 am – 10pm The topic was clowns with herpes and the rodents that love them) I got 140 clicks in 24 hours!  I was quickly humbled to discover there are quite a few bloggers who blog among us who consider their readership to have “dropped off” if they get a “mere” 500 clicks that day. 500 CLICKS a DAY?  I’M IN! What’s their secret? ( All I can say is, I’m gonna sit by THEM in study hall and copy THEIR homework…)

But anyway, this got me to thinking about the subjects that have pulled readers to my blog – and interestingly enough, I was actually in the middle of writing a post about that very subject when I happened upon the discussion thread today.   I won’t be long and windy as I only have a few photoshopped pictures to distract you with this time,  I don’t think any of them are big enough train wrecks to hypnotize you into forgetting that I tend to babble. 

On  a side note: obviously I chose the humor field  to blog in – or should I say the humor field chose me from the time I was old enough to figure out how much fun it was to shit my underoos and blame the smell on my Dad (last year was the first time it didn’t work by the way) – so  I’ve never carefully followed “the rules of successful blogging”, except for #2 which I do anyway: 

1. First, and foremost – whatever your blogging “venue” is, know your audience.

2. Write like you’re talking to one person “personally”.

3. Know what your audience is interested in.

I’m sure there are more but those are the three “golden rules” that I have seen reiterated time and again.

And the reason I didn’t follow those rules is because I decided early on to write humor based on what makes ME laugh, and I’m not a lightweight when it comes to what I find funny. I’m kinda sick in the head if you haven’t noticed yet.  Plus, I have known for years how subjective humor is – so when one chooses to put it  “out there” they better be comfortable knowing that the majority of people “out there” reading humor blogs  aren’t THAT “out there” when it comes to what they find humorous.  But  I wasn’t worried –  I knew from years of just living the day-to-day that my “bizarreness” would drag at least a few people down in the gutter with me – so I knew I’d be in some good company.   So I just wrote about what I thought was funny. 

So no more digression.  In the interest of keeping this short(er, than normal anyway) here are my photoshopped visuals so you can witness what has brought the readers, thusly so far, to MY humble blog:  

  (These  photoshopped “visual aids” are copied from my blog’s stats arena. Don’t worry the Bugs have been worked out ….)

  VISUAL 1:  This is a copy of yesterday’s stats.



 Note the post in top position is ” STD Mania Dating is Spreading Like Wildfire!”  Now look at the next picture – Visual 2:





I believe I wrote this post at the end of July or around August 1, at the very latest.  For all intents and purposes, this post is more than a bit long in the tooth for a humor post. It doesn’t perform a public service, nor does it provide any new scientific information that would benefit the world.  In fact it BAGS on STDS and People with STDS.  And yet…it continues to get the most clicks of any of my posts –  with my other STD “slams” coming in, although not as close,  behind it.  WHY is this? 



By the “search terms” people are using that direct them to my posts – it would appear that a lot of them are either individuals who “caught a bug” at some point in their lives and wish to do their own research on their affliction, or they’re of a subculture that finds venereal diseases “rather erotic”.  And it seems that some of them are addicted to Facebook’s Farmtown.

Maybe it’s not always a good thing to know what your audience is looking for…