Poodle with a Mohawk…

Poodle with a mohawk…..:)


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I remember this from 1989. It brings back memories of Sunday afternoons spent stumbling around Old Sacramento, really buzzed on rot-gut Andre chamapagne from mexi-CANT  brunch, tripping around with my boyfriendand  trying not to fall through the slats in the wooden floor boards from 1846 (that are STILL there for sue-happy whiners to engage in a lawsuit with the City over when they fall on their asses).

Because we were talking in Loud drunken voices, like ALL drunks, the people we were bagging on kept hearing us.  Clueless 1 and Clueless 2 here couldn’t understand why.  We thought they were T E L L Y P A T H E T I C.  (let’s have some more booze!)

Anyway, we always ended up hanging out in Evangeline’s and laughing at all the crap they had there. This is one thing they had there.

Now I know why small black poodles bite your ass and snarl when you pick them up from the dog groomers.