The Island of Truthful Toys…

deadbearI was just thinking about how we’re conditioned at a very young age to believe in the sugar-coated  fairytale of brotherly love and governmental diplomacy. The great cover up about the way the world truly works – and it often starts with our very first toys. 

Some lies we believe as children are deadly…

For instance, kids are given “friendly” stuffed lions and tigers, and told they’re for cuddling and kissing. And for four or five years stuffed animals sleep in our beds and hear our deepest secrets and worst sorrows. But when little Bobby gets eaten trying to pet the Big Kitty at the zoo (who Mommy said was related to his stuffed  Mr. Lion) we act like we couldn’t see it coming down the road.   Hmmm…(OK.  I’ll stop with the bloodshed now.) 

Instead, lets talk about toys  that pound home a message to children the world and it’s people honestly care about the happiness and welfare of their fellow man.  The world is a loving place, that people will always like you and give you a chance.  That being different is GOOD. That you can trust grown-ups all the time.  That hard work on your part pays great dividends later. That Mommys and Daddys love each other for ever?  That each person is important and will be protected by their country? That policemen are here to serve and protect.

It’s no wonder that people go crazy at a young age when they suddenly realize that what they’ve experienced in life so far bears no resemblance to what they’ve been taught is supposed to happen.  Since no one bother’s to clue them in about the fairytale, many end up silently blaming their mistreatment by assholes on some apparently hideous, if invisible,  character flaw they MUST possess that causes others to treat them with such disregard and/or abuse them. After all, if the world is perfect and right and they are not accepted in it, the fault HAS to lie with the mistreated, right?..

So, have I suddenly gone “BONO” in a desparate attempt to bring back a U2 revival? Has 60’s Timothy Leary acid-logic suddenly overtaken my mind after lying dormant for the last 30 years, ?  Did I accidentally swallow the RED PILL at dinner tonite? 

No.  Nothing as deep or philosophical as that. 

I just had a new photoshop idea and I had to present it in a somewhat socially aware  venue in order to ease my masterpiece into the equation.

So here goes. Remember the Care Bears?


 Those sappy stuffed rainbow colored “bears” with their happy, heart warming messages?






The ones that look NOTHING like the grizzley at the zoo that ate Susie when she climbed in it’s cage to give it a kiss? 


The ones that imply to toddlers that PEOPLE and the WORLD are engaged in one big love fest with each other? The same ones with the colorful belly logo’s stating “Happy”, “Secure”, “Friendship” et et et?  Yeah, those bears.

I think it’s  time for Mattel to come clean and reveal the REAL message – the message of a greedy world and it’s mean-spirited, apathetic people who will at some point or another become your bosses, lovers, “friends”, relatives and the leaders of your country…

Here’s the prototype…



All that’s missing are the bloody limbs!


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