My many STDS have brought me much love…

Let’s here it for the STDS! This is there “Thank you” celebration post, and here to start off the fun is a short ditty by the Herpes Bugtown Choir (sorry there’s no audio –they just formed the group yesterday)  Herpes – take it away!


S  – you’re SIMPLY unbelievable…

T-  TOLD you to check before jumping in that bed…

D – DUH… you thought his pubic louse was a grain of rice with legs…

S -  your life SUCKS now cuz you’re SCRATCHING till you’re red…

A special thanks to the bug-town choir! Great job Herpes all….

The reason for my celebration is simple. I am here to honor both the cure seekers of the Itchy & Scratchy show and the readers who simply lust after all things STD, and have given myself and my blog – if not credibility, at least “click”ability.

For your convenience, I’ve posted some handy graphs from my blog stats to visually show you what STDS have done for ME, Surveygirl46.I hope you can see this (Click on the pic and it will enlarge it in another screen for you)



The left side of the grid shows the date 7/30/09. The day I wrote the post on STD mania dating spreading like wildfire! I don’t know if it was “STD” or “wildfire” which did it, all I know is that this post continues to be a topseller – and I’m not even selling anything except for bullshit!  The fact that I have SO MANY STD (posts) on my blog has caused the traffic to increase in numbers till they reach higher than some freaks can count! In fact, STD mania – this one post has brought in 4,693 visitors since its birth on July 30th. God I LOVE AMERICA! And I love the STDiseasers, the Herpes Hottie Hunters. I love the cliques of clymeadeates and those sporting syphilLIPS – and in my eyes pubic lice has always been nice..

And let me tell you this… AMERICA wants its STDS – in all its many forms and variations. Just take a look at these graphs from today and yesterday!

staty2 staty3

And every day it goes on like this – the views, the clicks, the perverted desires for herpified peneye and the like. Although I’m pretty sure TFU is the clicker as far as the search for MOOBS go but I’ll count her in the love-infest – as an honorary member of course.

Yes, Dr Surveygirl46 does not forget where she came from, and tonight I bow down low to all those with STDS or STDreams and say thanks!

This bug’s for you!


Elves are TRAITORS!!!!

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This hiphop dance group looks like they belong performing a couple of months back in October, but this was the best they could do. Watch them get down with their freaky elf selves!