How does a Face book’r officially become an “annoyance”? Check with the “annoyance experts”…

These guys deserve their own page on my blog.  Why? Because anyone whose ever been on Facebook – even by accident – has felt the exact same nauseous reaction elicited by some of the whiney barf  “status updates” spewed forth by Face bookers.

And some cool people out there made a blog DEVOTED to the subject of Face book status annoyances – brilliant! Although there are many funny blogs out in cyberspace defaming or bagging on the faults found with Face book, just  the name  of this blog –  “Your Status is Annoying” – makes me piss my Depends every time I think about it.

Just a quick note – the theme of Your Status is Annoying is a “come one, come all” open- invite to readers to send them any Face book status they feel qualifies as “annoying”.  The posts are fun to read, its participants really fun to bag on –  (my favorite thing of course).

But be warned – any person who is a member of Face book and updates a “status” can, and probably will end up someday as a YSIA annoyance post “guest of honor. So to all you Face bookr’s – watch your sniveling and gushing status updates – especially if you’re the “cyber wallflower type” or have no sense of humor.

On the other hand – any comment by a reader THEY deem as particularly witty is rewarded by your name and a link to your blog under their category called “Your comment was hilarious”.  They take, oh yes! but they give back as well..


They also have a fan page on Face book – I am a fan, of course – and it’s hysterical too, as this is where the authors make their comments on the “annoying”.

 Sorry, my link to it wouldn’t post –  but you can Google it.

So if you someday end up on Your Status is Annoying,  just thank the universe for the free publicity. Then figure out who may have sent it in, photo shop a FB status of theirs into something WORSE (or make one up – even better!) Just return the favor… Tit for tat…

I give this blog  the highest Skiskell and Ebert rating …all claws up!




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