Astrology Watch: Gemini

You will be alert today, Gemini! But remember to bring out the BAD TWIN on the pretense of being in a “fog” so you can innocently and merrily stomp on the toes of others while going about your business for the next 24 hours. And anyway, who really gives a shit who you demolish? Not you! It’s time the rest of the world learned that YOUR daily schedule is hectic enough without hundreds of ugly, un-pedicured feet getting in YOUR way – always holding you up in your race to “what’s NEXT”!

Besides, most of the cretins who will be mowed down by the “twins” today deserve it! Admit it – aren’t there at least one or two idiots who have irritated you long enough with their “turtle’s crawl” pace and stupid questions? Use your nervous and irritable mood to your advantage and pull a “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” on them, get them all flustered and scared – this will keep them off balance. THEN in a “coup DE grace” move, remind them it is YOU who are important, not the rest of the LOSERS. For that extra added touch, SMILE, then tell them to FUCK OFF!



Horoscopes for the mental – February 11, 2011 – AQUARIUS

Watch how your strategic errors in orientation make hysterical mistakes for everyone who has the misfortune to run across you today, Aquarius. Use those communication “problems” you will have with others to your advantage! Make those who refuse to listen to your insane ramblings feel like huge piles of shit.  Don’t get frustrated with yourself  because your message to mankind is psychotic and indecipherable – turn the tables!  Instead – Make EVERYONE ELSE feel like WORK TRAINING bus riders for their lack of comprehension in understanding your genius!  Set them up!  Then laugh your ass off as, one by one, they run into the brick walls you’ve arranged – such like the bugs that suddenly find themselves in a poisonous Roach Hotel instead of the intended food cupboard.  Observe their turmoil with glee, Aquarius! Pat yourself on the back and KNOW you’ve done a FINE job of screwing up the mind of the innocent bystander once again!