Animal magnetism furr sure…

clownpenis2As i listened to the heavy inneuendo’d  lyrics and the rich emotion- filled voice of  Stephen Lynch – the inpolitically correct singing comedian – I sat in silent stunned appreciation for this artiset.  As I watched his beyond-memorable  video performance of a happy little ditty about childhood and Halloween –  “What Halloween Means to Me” – – I thought my happiness couldn’t be more complete and fell to my knees in tearful gratitude  to a  universe that had designed and created such an underrated national treasure most people still don’t know about.  (Have a listen if you’d like – see if you aren’t moved to tears as well)



But my happiness,  extensive as it was, filled my cup to overflowing  due to another discovery of an even more amazing song he had written and performed a few years earlier. As I listened to this melody that seemed to have been sent from the heavens above and created just for me – I felt the chills and electricity one must only feel  when in the presence of God (or an IRS agent).  I was hearing with my very own ears a song, THE SONG, that would be the PERFECT theme song for my blog and all that I hoped to portray in it.

But alas, I know not how to embed it into a widget so it plays continuously whenever someone reaches my site.  So – I’m embedding it here, and will subsequently return to this post,  in the dark by myself,  to listen and cry over the happy ending that could have been mine….if only…..

It’s got all the makings of a gershschwin tune – perversion, political incorrectness, innurENDdos – the works!

See for yourself….


Can’t you just feel their pain?