This blog is a HUMOR blog.  Some of you may be offended.

Some of you may not like what I post. Some of you may not get it. That’s OK. But you’ll come back ANYWAY for the HERPES posts…and

the STD posts…

You’re  what is known as a “Closet Gerbil”. You’d be a “Live Gerbil” if you could just admit to everyoone that you like making fun

of the “taboo” subjects.

So you do the next best thing – you make fun of them in secret and live vicariously through Gerbils like me.


The closet gerbil: Gerbilus hidus laughus secretus

Those of you who aren’t  offended – congratulations, you’re a “Live Gerbil”. 

The “live gerbil”: Gerbilus laughus pointus dontcarus

and live Gerbils naturally gravitate to the sick and socially incorrect shit so they can expand if possible, on what they see.

Live Gerbils seek it out, it’s our “best thing” in life.  Once we find it or write it or photoshop it then we pass it on to other Gerbils…

Till one of us finally sends it to a Sub-Closet Gerbil just to get the reaction! Hahhahahahahahahahahaaaaaa







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