Pajama Jeans – The ULTIMATE in apparel for the lazy asshole….

Ever wish you could just hop out of bed after sleeping in ALL day,  and hit the bar in time for the end of Happy Hour – and in high fashion to boot? Well, NOW you can!  Thanks to the debut of Pajama Jeans – the Ultimate in apparrel for those people who are too lazy to waste even 5 minutes changing for bed, and don’t ever want to think about what they want to wear for the day again!  Think about what YOU could do with that extra time you’ll save and the benefits it will bring you!  Here are just a few examples:

You will now have time to pick your nose thoroughly BEFORE you leave the house, therefore doing away with  the danger of being seen digging for gold while stuck in traffic on your way to Wal-Mart!

With an extra few minutes, you will be able to cram down TWO more Dunkin Donuts, instead of just the usual 850 calorie bear claw. Plus-thanks to the “unbeatable” fit of your combo night/day wear, it appears that your Pajama Jeans are EXPANDABLE too!  So it won’t matter if you gain a “few” pounds over time, as your new “attire” is able to grow right along with you!

And think of this – because these pants are made of “Dormisoft fabric that doesn’t tug or bind and is as soft as cotton”, those of you who are too lazy to even pull them down to take a shit or piss, can simply ADD a pair of Depends – and do away with those pesky bathroom trips that take up so much of your time. And, what this means is that if your Depends happen to SOAK through from overuse, the soft cotton of your Pajama jeans will act as an absorbant filler, preventing Adult Diaper Rash!   DAMN!

Move over SNUGGIE, you’ve been replaced!  The King is Dead! Long Live Pajama Jeans!



Never waste time changing your clothes EVER again!



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Static
    Feb 26, 2011 @ 23:32:43

    But what about the dilemma of doing laundry?


  2. surveygirl46
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 01:46:00

    That is the beauty of it, Static. With PJ jeans, not only do you NOT have to go to the bathroom as you will be wearing one “foolproof” pair of Depends – meaning any urine or feces will be absorbed by the Dormisoft fabric – but you don’t have to do laundry as you will be able to wear them until they fall off your body in decay. BUT – if you are worried about being naked and actually having to GO OUT and BUY some clothes, you can always order a second or third pair, in advance!


  3. Static
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 16:07:46

    Even though I can see the benefit of this in a consumerist culture, such as ours, I just don’t see these taking off anytime soon because of the economy. However, I see a surplus of these items ending up on the homeless. It’s pretty common for the homeless to sleep, pee, and poo in their pants, so I can certainly see how this might have a market niche…but with little financial profit. 🙂


  4. surveygirl46
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 18:18:24

    Except for the makers of Pajama Jeans and Depends…i mean SOMEONE has to make the original purchase for those people to be able to poo and pee AND sleep in those pants, n’est pas?


  5. Static
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 00:49:03

    Maybe they’ll end up in a bargain basement…somewhere.


  6. surveygirl46
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 03:56:52

    Well, you just gave me a GREAT idea for an online store _ THE As seen on PUBLIC television store


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