I KNEW it – my german nazi bungalow started out life as a trailer

Sometimes Google Earth is stunning! Some of the things you can find ZOOMED up close,  take your breath away – places you know you’ll never get to see in this lifetime, lost forever – if it weren’t  for the wonders of modern technology.  But sometimes, what Google Earth ends up bringing you just takes your lunch away.  Witness below…

This is my “house” or my bunker – to be more accurate. AND, only the part located near the street – SO convenient for those last-minute drive by participants who’d like a “sure hit” – is actually ours. Yes, it’s a small “duplex” – under 700 feet to be sure. And, the front porch is now covered by furniture that hasn’t had the title of second-hand for a couple of decades. Courtesy of Shoe Strings  – for a price – of course.  Not that we desired to have the furniture so much we paid her for it – we paid her because we just desired her to go away.  Anyway, it’s not much, but Fluffy the pit bull is welcomed here, and the rent includes water and garbage – and we LOVE our landlord.


And now, it has taken on another kind of beauty. And that is the beauty of “appreciation”. For as humble as our abode is today, Google Map showed me that it was once something else…

Behold! ALL that’s missing are the wheels…

Back in the day before You Tube there was Yoo Hoo

Note the suspicious glare that Bubba Darryl gives the City surveyors, as they record this picture for Google Earth history. Also notice that Bubba Darryl has something held tightly in his right hand – a can of  Budweiser, perhaps?

At any rate, once it’s empty he will have Ethel May (his sister-wife on the right, behind the trashed El Camino) throw it in his neighbors trashcan.  Then in a day or two – around 2 a.m. to be precise – Bubba Darryl will sneak out back and fish it out of the garbage – along with his neighbor’s cans – and give the whole lot to his new girlfriend (and  daughter) –  Tammy Lee, the other female – to take down to the  recycling center the next time she takes their son (and his grandson) little Bo Seafus , for a walk to the Free Clinic to him checked for body lice again.

Note the classy awning – used for the neighborhood drink a thons and bi-weekly wife beatings  – and that sleek AMC Gremlin sitting next to the roadster in MY driveway…

Like I said…..All  that’s missing are the wheels…

POINTS TO PONDER: Since politicians are so full of shit – why aren’t they made to wear diapers, like the rest of the babies?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr C
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 14:57:51

    I just about freaking lost it when I read “bi-weekly wife beatings.”

    You’re home is surely on sacred land. I bet you can get one of those geologist brushes they use to brush off dinosaur bones and probably find a freshly fossilized beer can from the days of yore. Also, you may find a missing tooth from his wife and the belt he used to whip his kid when the kool aid stain wouldn’t come off.


    • surveygirl46
      Jul 09, 2010 @ 19:27:39

      Hi Mr. C! Actually you don’t even need a geologist’s brush to find the beer cans – they sit, rusting in their own natural juices – until Bubba Darryl or Ray Bob finds that he’s now out of beer, and Ethyl Mae is either out at Bingo or at the QuikyMart trying to win the lotto – so he’s on his own in collecting them, to haul down to the Recyle Center (yep, got one of them too!), and recycle his 3 or 4 cases of empty cans into another shitload of Miller’s Finest or 3 Cobra Single Malt 40 ouncers. As for teeth? I think they’re gone for good – geologists have been unable to find a single tooth in some of the mouths around here – let a lone the ground. Good to hear from you!


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