Yes, I’m exposing to the world yet another ASSHOLE (THOMPSON8692), but I did it “the EBAY” way…

We have an EBAY account..naturally.

And we recently found that the long stinky arm of politically correct bullshit extends to EBAY – who seems to have jumped on the Blue Pill Bandwagon with the rest of the masses. But I’ll try to make this short and sweet.

Todd tried to sell a JL 1000/1 audio amp for $550 a month ago.  Being that is was EBAY nobody bid on it because they naturally thought they should only pay $19.95 at the most. So we took it down.

A couple of weeks after that we dropped the price to $370.00.  OOUCH! But hey, we need money and others of the same type amp were selling for about that at EBAY. SO we thought we were home free.

We had 7 watchers on the bid. We recevied one illegal email for Todd (from a watcher) asking him to call privately and they could make a “deal” in which no one would have to pay shipping costs. Todd almost pulled the amp off EBAY then, to take the guy up on his offer, but the guy called back later and asked Todd if he could hold onto the amp till he had the money – around the beginning of summer. Right.

So we leave it up. There are 5 watchers, and no bids. Then! At the last minute till THE END – one bid offer arrives in the amount of $360 – $10 cheaper than our reserve bid ($370). NOTE: This was our biggest MISSED clue to this deadbeat whose EBAY handle is THOMPSON8692

But anyway, the bid is over and lucky Thompson8692 wins the JL for a really groovey price.   Now, Todd always checks out the “buyers” by what their negative and positive freeback states on their EBAY site from other buyers and sellers who’ve dealt with them.

And we were NOT encouraged by  the fact that althought this bidder had two positive comments next to his name – he also had TWO negatives comments – and THAT raised a HUGE red flag with us! (For your viewing pleasure, I’ve photochopped them in their original context):

First – a sad tale from Not-too-happy SELLER #1

This is enough for Todd to roll his eyes and say “Shit!” really loud a couple of times. I try to look on the bright side by having him note the date of the Negative Feedback. It was almost 3 years ago. Maybe it was just a SNAFU. And if he really had a strike from EBAY against him, would he still be allowed to buy and sell on their site? No! Come on..It’s EBAY, not Craigs “I’m selling my mother cheap to the first landfill that calls- List. Right?

But alas, another DING from UNHAPPY  SELLER #2

OK.  Todd now emails his buyer polite little email asking him to please respond on winning the bid – you know – just to feel out the situation.  Then a follow-up email that night. And we wait. Well, one and then 2 days goes by – No buyer response. Feeling really grumpy that day because I have to see my relatives that night, I volunteer to send the next email – which borders only minimally on politeness – I hint to him in my best King’s English to stuff a gerbil up his arse – and still, no response.

That night Todd reads the WHOLE policy section of EBAY dealing with  “malicious bidders” policy, and how they handle them.

For your edification –  M.B.s are bidders that ruin a seller’s auction by waiting till the last  minute to outbid everyone, then are never heard from again – as they never had any serious intention of buying the item in the first place.

The outcome of EBAY’s protocol is NOT good news:

1. The buyer has 4 days from the end of the auction to shit or get off the pot and send in the money. And you can’t do SQUAT in regards to getting EBAY involved until AFTER 4 days…Yup- that’s their policy – 4 days.

NOTE: You can send that fucker as many frustrated emails as you like.  As long as your’e ready to kick back and and stew in your own juices when he doesn’t respond, – then going from frustrated to IRATE because EBAY staff aren’t available to even say BOO about it until 4 days are up.  Only THEN can you open a case against the bidder – which will take another few weeks (FOREVER) to be resolved, as EBAY insists on trying the same USELESS recourse of polite emails that have gone unanswered by us – but they MUST do this before they can take the next step.

By then, it won’t matter because by that time you’ve probably googled his address and phone number, prank called his house 1000 times, had 40 pizzas delivered there, stalked his poodle – and  sent someone named RICO to light a bag of smelly dog poo on his porch.

2. NEW EBAY RULE – As far as LEAVING negative feedback goes – which WOULD go a long way in insuring WE hold off our homicical rage against THOMPSON 8692 – it’s NO LONGER ALLOWED.

I couldn’t fucking believe it when I read this shit. Not allowed? WHAT??? So, what does this say to jerks like this? “Oh, come on by and place a FAKE HIGH BID on my Grandmother’s antique brooch – yeah, the same one that I need to sell so we can EAT and PAY RENT and avoid PARK RESIDENCY for another month. Or better yet – How about I go ahead and SEND IT TO YOU FIRST so you can disappear without a trace, not answer my emails, and avoid EBAY for another month until they finally feel like sending you a polite little email asking you if “everything is alright? we may have encountered a problem” email”.

How stupid is that shit? Now we’re not allowed to warn others of malicious bidders, so they have the chance to pull their item from their bid and run like hell if they see the THOMPSON 8692s of the world anywhere near their item? I guess the way the ebay ball don’t bounce…

But then…

I had an idea.

EBAY prohibits Negative Feedback and only encourages the positive, right? (Sounds like our government’s blue pill campaign against the mentality of it citizens, huh – by I digress).

OK, if it’s POSITIVE feedback ONLY they’re requiring, then I’ll be positive… Behold!

And sure enough, cuz my feedback fit the POSITIVE HAPPY green color, the only color one can choose these days to send on EBAY, they allowed it to be posted! Now the world is warned! This guy is DOODY for sure.  And everyone will know it by my POSITIVE FEEDBACK! Oh yeah, and this post of course…


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thinkinfyou
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 14:35:39

    You are my hero! The way you can take a negative and turn it into a positive is amazing!!! LOL!


  2. Woodsterman
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 14:37:51

    I’ve never dealt with ebay. I have however had good luck with CraigsList selling my used tools after I buy new ones. I list them with a photo, let the people know it’s a cash only deal, and they can only contact me via CraigsList. Only locals answer and if they want the item they come and pick it up and hand you the cash. I’ve sold three tools on there with very good results.


  3. surveygirl46
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 22:17:43

    @TFU – I knew you’d understand and agree..i did it for ALL OF US who get the stick up the ass – dammit!

    @Woodsterman – CL has been decent to me as well – I’ve sold a couple of things there:)


  4. Smeer
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 22:29:28

    HAHAH that is brilliant!


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