STD card from a female perspective (for the freaks)









I thought this quite elegant- from the beautiful crafted prose, to the script it is written in – amid a field of cheerful daisies under blue skies. (PS  Remember to click on the picture if you can’t read the words of this one..).


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ryhen Satch
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 04:43:50

    pretty wicked. lol. our society is totally foched up. morals are literally extinct and ethics has become a matter of public entertainment. this getback card should sell a lot on bookstores. maybe we should call hallmark and cut a deal with them.


  2. FreakSmack
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 14:52:48

    Now I’d laugh my ass off if I got that one!


  3. surveygirl46
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 19:17:51

    I wrote that after your comment….LOL (classy isn’t it?)


  4. FreakSmack
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 06:08:01

    Poor dad, always getting left out


  5. surveygirl46
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 07:32:14

    Yeah well that’s what he gets for not wearing his hearing aids when the phone rings..


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