Capchas/CRAPchas people can relate to…

What language is this in anyway?

What language is this anyway? It looks like the word for the sound a fart makes...






Don’t you hate those stupid CHAPCHAS?  What the hell is a CAPCHA anyway?  A jewish term for chachki in written form?

All I know is this.  When you’re already half-dead from lack of sleep and you HAVETA fill some stupid online job thingymabobber out now so you won’t get fired at 6 am, or when you’ve just spent 3 hours pouring your heart and soul into a moving comment on your favorite clown-fucker or troll’s blog, along comes a stupid CAPCHA to fuck things up royally! CAPCHA’s are hard to read with all their stupid messed up symbols.  You are expected to be able to make them out and type them correctly into that little block before you can submit what you’ve typed.  If you read it incorrectly – which I always do – more confusingly lettered capchas just keep coming at you till you think you must have had a stroke – and that’s why you’re not comprehending what the FUCK it is you’re reading. 

Even worse – sometimes the capchas cause your computer to lock up and then you have two choices – both of which suck.  You can either sit there, wasting more time you don’t have, waiting for the CAPCHA gods to quit spinning their frozen wheels and click on over to the next page and grant you access to the submission area of wherever you’re stuck, OR you can be a total moron and click your “back” button – in which case it’s like hitting refresh – all your input is GONE and you have to start over AGAIN. It’s enough to make you chuck your computer out the window and take out the threesome of gangsign throwin’ ganstas gathered below waitin’ on their crack dealer to show up.

So I’ve come up with an idea WAY better than CAPCHAS.  The name will be changed to CRAPCHAS and they will be easy to read because they will be letters which when strung together make a real, if insulting, word or short phrase that you’ll be able to recognize (and possibly relate to).  Here are a few for starters:







I can relate to these..can you?


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thinkinfyou
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 13:17:15

    I hate those Capchas things too! They always say my credentials aren’t verifiable,whatever the fuck that means. I didn’t know I needed credentials to leave a comment.


  2. Woodsterman
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 13:29:31

    L.L., If you go to my blogs, you will see I don’t believe in them. I’m in cuntrol and I can delete any comment I want to. This was fun to read ma Lady.


  3. surveygirl46
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 14:17:03

    @TFU- credentials smedentials….everyone wants proof of something nowadays…feel free to add more or think up more, and i’ll photoshop them
    @WSM – Your blog was one of the fastest I have ever left a commnet on becuz you DON’T have them, Thank GOD:)


  4. thinkinfyou
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 15:11:06

    OH, BTW, if I’m known as “Clown Fucker”,and I so lovingly refer to you as “Gerbil Stuffer” ,how come FS is only known as “Troll”? I think we need to dream up something with more,shall we say flair.


  5. surveygirl46
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 15:28:52

    Ok i have a great idea…let’s go over to Aunty S’s and start a forum contest on his new name from us…I’ve got some ideas:)


  6. itSAMEERacle
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 23:27:38

    OH MAN have you seen the ones where they say to only type the digits that are in the cats but not the dogs where the dogs and cats look pretty much the same…..UGH those have me trying and trying then waiting 20 minutes then trying again…!


  7. FreakSmack
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 21:12:38

    I hate those stupid things, I’ve still never heard either of you refered to as “clown fucker” or “gerbil stuffer” they would make good chapacatchacabras thopugh


  8. surveygirl46
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 21:54:49

    Hey FS – I’m pretty sure that TFU mentioned them on her post on clowns – I do think they MAKE great CCC’s though! Not to mention great aunti-heroes for sick comic books. We’re just funnin’ ya my friend (as you know) we just think that nicknames are great (specially among friends):)


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