Save (Mart) yourself a trip if your looking for convenience…(or courtesy)

DISCLAIMER NOTE: With the exception of a few of the assistant mangers at my local store,  I have always found the employees at  Save Mart food chain to be pleasant and very helpful.  This is really just a few people that I have run into. So please, if you’re reading this and you happen to be employed by Save Mart, take it as it’s meant – a saracastic yet truthful post on just  a type of person you’ve probably worked with,  if not there, then at some other place of business.     If you’re reading this and you recognize yourself – SHAME ON YOU, YOU NAZIs!!





Things that piss me off. Let’s start with Save Mart. Witness what their logo statement would profess IF the corporation were to be truthful, which no corporation is, especially these days.


 Look, I know the personnel working in grocery stores have nothing to do with writing policies and protocol.  I know they’re just following the rules as dictated to them by their upper management.  It’s usually nothing personal.  But my neighborhood Save Mart grocery store sure seems to have hired  an overabundance of fat and sloppy, pasty faced, yellow-toothed unattractive female assistant managers who act super pissed off every time they’re interrupted from their frequent bathroom breaks to authorize courtesies for customers – courtesies that used to be the rule instead of the exception. 

And we’ve all seen these types of “management” gals in action – a surly lot normally, who only seem to smile like they really mean it when they’re telling you what you don’t want to hear at the most inconvenient time.  

Just some quick background as it adds to my outrage: Todd and I have shopped at this particular Save Mart for over a year, and many of the personnel know us by name or at least recognize us to say hello to.  A couple of the young female courtesy clerks consider me an older confidant of sorts, and seek me out whenever I’m there to relay their latest parent and boyfriend woes.  Two of the checkers are massage clients of mine and have been to my home.  And last night was the straw that broke the camels back.  Here’s  the  story leading up to the broken back of the camel:

Back in June, someone got a hold of my checking account number and ran up over $500 at WalMart and Walgreens.  I had to cancel my bank accounts and was issued some temporary checks that had no personal information other than my new account number on the bottom.  And the checks (there were 10 of them) were numbered 1 – 10.  Since I had to wait 7 – 10 business days for my new ATM card to arrive, and it was Saturday after banking hours I had no way of getting any cash, so I decided to use one of my checks for grocery shopping at Save Mart.  After an hour of rummaging through items that all looked pretty pricey to me, including dog food, I spent another 45 minutes in a long line while the assistant manager “Tammy”, a short fat grumpy mess of a woman,  pissed off at having to play a lowly  “CHECKER”,  hurries customers through the checkout like she’s marking cattle for the slaughter (or maybe like Hitler sizing up  victims for the next round of  “showers”.)

When it’s my turn, she rings up my purchases quickly without making eye contact, then barks “$74.80, please.”  I pull out my checkbook and license and start to write my name and license number on a check.  Suddenly she announces LOUDLY,  “Excuse me MAM – We can’t take temporary checks here, it’s against policy!”  “OK, next customer please!”  You can see that getting to say this to someone is making her day.


When I try to tell her a digest version of WHY I’m using a temporary check in the first place, and add the fact that I’m a regular customer here, she cuts me off with “I don’t need to know your life story MAM. Policy is We Just Don’t Take Temporary Checks”.  So now a bit irritated I apologize to the line of people behind me, and ask to speak to her supervisor.  She waddles off mumbling”SHIT!” and comes back with an equally pissy, grayer and fatter version of her unhappy self.

“What seems to be the trouble, Mam?” this crab says in a barely civilized tone.  I run through the same story again, faster this time as not to waste her time (I know it takes a LOT of concentration to pop each zit perfectly in the limited space of the bathroom mirror and only 8 hours in the  work day).  I also add that half  the employees on the clock right now KNOW me by name,  and the fact that I have NEVER bounced a check! (Not in a few years anyway).  She looks at me, annoyed and SIGHS a BIG HEAVY OVERBURDENED sigh and says “Sorry, that’s just our store policy” and walks off.  Now I’m on the verge of tears because I have no way to buy food till Monday at 9 a.m. So in front of the 20 people in line who have heard the whole exchange, I do just that and storm off to the parking lot – peeling out of there in my mustang and making a vow to NEVER shop there again. A vow I break  two weeks later when I need to throw an impromptu dinner together for one of our friends and Save Mart is the closest store to our apartment. 


The second event goes something like this:

I’m in the self-checkout and realize that Todd has my ATM card but LUCKILY I have my checkbook!  And even better, the checks are the actual bonafide, all inclusive informatory documents that contain my name and demographics as well as bank information.  My check, the sacrificial VIRGIN check, is number 157.  At the checkout point, I start to write it for the exact amount until I realize both of our vehicles are running on empty and I write it for it for $40.00 over the amount instead.  Well, of course the nice little checker CAN’T authorize my check overage request without a MANAGER’S approval…(Of course, how could I be SO stupid as to forget that?) So I wait with baited breath for the grotesque Tammy, or her equally grotesque older clone,  to coming thundering over.  But instead, it’s a nice looking hispanic lady who looks to have a pleasant personality.  I think maybe I got lucky and will be dealing with a person happy enough with her lot in life not to feel the need to take it out on the customers, but I’m wrong.

Like a nazi war pig she circles me slowly and looks at the check with the printed information on it. “She wants $40”, says the cute young checker.  “NO! I can’t authorize $40! $25 only and HAVE YOU WRITTEN A CHECK HERE BEFORE?”  I almost smart off with, “Well, I tried to but it seems Tammy didn’t like the color scheme or design of my checks”, – but I need the cash so I say only, “Of course, many times.  Would you like to see some I.D.?”  She’s about to put a strong bitch- whammy on me when one of my little courtesy clerk pals comes up to her and says, “This is one of our best customers, give her the $40”.  Winks at me, and walks off.  Surprisingly enough, NWP montones “Fine” and slithers off to instead destroy the “cash on hand” dreams of other hapless customers.  This time I don’t cry.

So after this incident, I figure I’ve done my time at Save Mart as far as being singled out for “checksnubbery”.  In fact, two days ago I actually wrote a check there for $25 over the amount and the whole experience was pleasantly boring and hudrum, like the everyday occurrence it used to be.  The check number I use is 158.  So I figure I’m home free.  (Oh yea of little knowledge in the powers of ASSHOLES…)

Event 3:

After a stressful week of finally getting a place that will take Fluffy, pit or no, and stuffing things into boxes, I find I’ve packed the bread and condiments, along with my ATM and bank transcipts, into a box already transported 10 miles away to our new digs.  So again I have to write a check.  This time the check number is 159.  (I even write in sequence! I’m that careful…)

Of course I’m in a hurry as we have one more trip to make to the new place  before crashing for the night.  I go through self check and write a check for the amount due, only to have the checker tell me, “Sorry, she (whoever SHE is) shut down my till already so I can’t take checks here, you’ll have to wait in line”.  I assure her that’s fine and run over to the only line open.  Taking  my place behind a slow moving line of 10 people with loaded grocery carts, I tell myself to be patient as nothing can be done on my end to speed it along. 

However, when I’m third in line from the check out, the two persons with loaded carts ahead of me graciously allow me to go ahead of them – seeing I was carrying only bread and milk.  Thanking them profusely, I approach the checker and tell her what’s happened at the self-check.  That  takes 20  minutes while she calls the girl over and pummels her with questions about why she wasn’t taking checks from customers. Feeling the heat of the crowd behind me, I mouth ” sorry” and shrug my shoulders. They’re a pretty nice bunch and all but one smiles back. The diatribe between clerks finally finished, my checker reads me the total and I write the check.  She runs it through and is about to hand me the receipt but instead gasps! “Oh no, we can’t accept this check!”  “What?”!!!  I tell her it’s a Wells Fargo check with my name, bank account blah blah blah.  She cuts me off to explain that the problem is the check NUMBER.  Their policy is to refuse any check that isn’t numbered 200 or over.  What?!!!!!!

 I counter back with my usual apologies to the crowd behind me, keep reiterating my disbelief in what I just heard, and ask to see her manager.  Who is another zombie washed out grump; although this one has the start of a faint gleam to her eyes – most likely at the unexpected pleasure of having the personal opportunity to ruin someone’s night with one word – NO!

We engage in the same song and dance. I apologize to the crowd and state my case – and my confusion to why there even is a case  – I again explain I wrote an even lower numbered check here  two nights ago without anyone so much as farting in return.  She ignores what I’ve said, still doesn’t answer my question –  just keeps saying over and over, “We don’t accept any checks with numbers below the 200’s.” 

Now I’m fed up with the absurdity of this crap.  So i look at the crowd and ask if anyone has a pen – I can fix the number right now.  A couple of them giggle. She-Devil is not amused. She starts to say, “Its our pol…” and I come back with, “Hmmm.  So you feel comfortable taking a  check from any  stranger, as long as it’s number is 200 or higher. Did you ever stop to think they may have been bouncing the first 199 left and right?”

I go on, “Or does any number over 200 magically transport the check writer to an beyond-reproach ” status?  Does this “magic number” exempt any check a person writes from being run in your system – the one all groceries have to expos bad check writers who BOUNCE checks?”  “Do you even check those checks?”  Do you want to check my bouncing status? You have the Chex Fax, go for it – but you won’t right?  My check is merely numbered 159.”  Now she’s pissed and I don’t care – I don’t need bread or milk THAT bad. 

SO I part company with the bitch, but not before leaving her with one more thought.  Loudly, so the line of people behind me can hear, I quip “You should know that your “check number checking  system” has a bd leak.  I know for a fact that check 158 slipped through your ranks just 2 days ago.  Right now it’s probably making it’s way through your accounting system, infecting it with viruses and whatever else it can do to foul everything “Save Mart” with it’s evil.  AND I WROTE IT FOR GROCERIES!   BWAH HAAHAHAHAHA… 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pissed but now I’m happy as well –  I’ve ruined her night like she and others like her at Save Mart have ruined a few of mine, AND I have a great NEW idea for a post – the one you’re reading now.

Just one more thing….The very next day I go back to Save Mart, yes – the same one –  and write them a check for 65.00 using check 270;  which I’ve pulled out of sequence from the box for just this occasion…Two can play at this game..


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. FreakSmack
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 03:37:36

    I worked at a grocery store while I was in high school. The number 1 rule is you don’t take check numbers under 200. There may be 1 honest person like you but you would be 1 out of 10 or so people trying to rip the store off that day. A grocery store is the number 1 place for theft in this country. However when a person is getting bread and milk you let them have it, thieves have a tendency to go for higher ticket items like hot pockets and canned meats. You got a place to live, I’m glad to hear I don’t have to send you boxes to cover a dumpster.


  2. surveygirl46
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 07:00:16

    Yeah, I undertand the “numbers” game however those people in there know me, that’s what ticked me off – that and the rudeness of the managers. Plus, I wrote a check for about the same 2 days before with a lower number and it was taken just fine. I think they’d be better off running the check thru check fax to see if I’m a check bouncer…Yep, we’re housed YAY!!!!


  3. nazi manager
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 06:21:46

    I happen to be one of those so called”NAZI” managers.First of all,why the hell you going to self check out writing a check in the first place.Self checkout was designed for quick efficient customers to move the process along(yes like cattle herding,lol)The days of taking checks,has been molested and tarnished by One(criminals who take advantage of these promissory notes)and two(stubborn moron like yourself),who don’t follow rules and regulations.Rules are posted on the check stands and behind customer service center for these exemption customers like yourself to follow.Seems weird that you seemed to misplace your debit card all these times.If you keep doing this,maybe visit your local bank and pull out money to keep on hand.Oh,but you probably forget your wallet too huh?How do you even remember to get out of bed and function everyday?Surprises me !


    • surveygirl46
      Aug 29, 2009 @ 08:49:28

      Dr NM-

      I don’t have a problem with following the rules at all in ANY self check out line for that matter – and – I had written a check in that particular self check out line before – (in fact the sign above that line in Save Mart states something to the effect of “use atm, cash or check – if writing a check, please see manager for approval”). What I had the problem with, and I’m pretty sure I stated this several times during my post – is the rude and suspect way I felt I was treated at a store I always go to, in a place where most of the clerks and checkers recognize me, even if not all of them know me by name. A place, I remind you again, where whatever form of payment I was using at the time was legal and legit.

      And no, I didn’t “misplace” my debit card or “lose” my wallet ma’m or sir, like you imply “certain” people might “coveniently” tend to do. Over a period of 2 years residency in my area, I have written a check for groceries (or attempted to) at that store for a total of 3 times. None of the accepted checks ever bounced by the way. And yes, it’s true. I ususally do use my ATM. I don’t write checks that often. (people can steal your information from a check more easily, and for some reason Nazi’s don’t like them that much.)

      I think you may have overlooked the fact that in my post I question why my check simply wasn’t “checked” through their “checkfax” machine – like other groceries stores do- to see if I was, as I think you’re implying, “one of those kinds of customers”. Also, my writing a check in the self-checkout was NEVER the problem as you indicate. The problem was that the checker’s “supervisor” shut her register down early, so she couldn’ TAKE anymore checks in the self check out line and this is why I ended up in ANOTHER line – the FINAL line where my check was refused.

      And now here’s a question for you – Since WHEN is writing a CHECK at a grocery store synonymous with being a cheat and a liar? The last time I was at the bank – my banker issued me BOTH atm card AND check book. So do you imply that if a person has BOTH and suddenly uses a check instead of their ATM card “they must be a criminal or at the very least up to no good?”. See – THIS is the attitude I felt I received from the managers I was dealing with during those times – Do you recognize yourself in my story? Is that what you’re reacting to?

      Please remember to let this fact penetrate the righteous indignation you feel is justly deserved over my post. MY blog, irregardless of how you may feel about it, is a HUMOR blog- MY humor blog. In MY humor blog I take crap that has happened to ME and rip on it till I can’t rip no mo’! and this includes using elaboration and supreme sarcasm in my version of freedom of speech. It’s what helps ME laugh at whatever inconvenient bullshit I’ve encountered during the week.

      That having been said – thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your comment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their “take” on a situation and I respect yours and the fact that you even left your email and didn’t reply “anonymously” like some people would have.

      I’m sure you do a great job as a manager and you probably HAVE seen your share of “morons” in your line of work. I know I’ve seen them in mine. You are welcome back anytime to say whatever you’d like. In fact, I wish to point out that you are my very FIRST openly negative commentator! So that makes you special to me.

      And as far as the mystery of my being able to get out of bed every day goes – I’ll solve it for you right now – I have a pit bull puppy who wakes me up every morning at 5 to let him out – I may suffer from the “stupids” but he sure dosen’t. And once I’m up and have brewed and drank my coffee (which of course takes ME 2 plus hours to process correctly (due to my moronic intellect and all), I figure I might as well get dressed and drive to Save Mart so I can spend the next 3 hours in a 10 item or less, no check, self check line – just to add that personal touch in annoying the NM’s with my “moronic” intelliegence in trying to pass off personal checks issued on my 80 year old asian grandfather’s checking account. Have a great night!


  4. nope
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 14:28:13

    You have a decent vocabulary, and a curious need to put down and insult everyone around you in your little anecdote. In print, that is. I doubt weather you would have the intestinal fortitude to say those nasty things to the faces of the people that you so eagerly degrade with your harsh judgments.

    However, once you sift through all the indecent insults and put downs, all you have is a whining, self-righteous, UNPREPARED fool of a woman who needs to understand that you either need cash, a debit card, a credit card, a check with your name on it, a store gift card, or food stamps to make a purchase. Possibly describing herself unconsciously is the horrid picture painted of the employees at the store. I bet they were happy to see your silly ass waddle to your (probably yellow) mustang. All the idiots drive yellow mustangs.


    • surveygirl46
      Sep 03, 2009 @ 02:25:33

      Dear Nope,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Although I totally respect your unalienable right to your opinion, I would question once again whether either of the last two commentators (this time you) have bothered to read the WHOLE post, and not just the parts that you feel vindicated to judge. In addition, my disclaimer, which I will not reproduce for the sake of repeating what is already posted to be read at your leisure, alludes to the fact that I am pointing out only a few “types” of the person I have dealt with. And these people aren’t just in grocery stores – they hold other jobs – and sometimes none at all.

      I would truly be interested in your take on a couple of points, allowing that YOU have the intestinal fortitude to address the following, that is:

      ONE: What is your personal opinion on why some clerks/managers feel the need to be so nasty to their customers in the first place? Some customers are your typical beeotch or hole of ass I will admit, but there are those of us out there that are treated rudely by clerks, managers, bosses, etc, for whatever reasons known only to the agressor.
      TWO: Why do you think it is that certain people keep reading over the facts that I do have an atm card, a check with my name on it et et etc, and that the idea for this post in the first place was a humourous, if very sarcastic, take on rude attitudes and inconveniences of life? I haven’t bounced a check in 20 years (i will admit I’m not perfect) but this was not the case on any of those occasions.

      And most importantly –

      THREE: Yes, of course I am taking a harsh and critical stance on this blog – this is a HUMOR blog, and that is my sense of humor – What is so hard for some people to understand about it? It makes no difference if you were to know that in person I am extremely nice and accomodating, and I always step to the side as to not to inconvenience anyone else – stranger, friend, or my clerk at the store. What the main premise of my post was and I stand by it is, I had a problem with THEIR ATTITUDES of rudeness AND the silly way I feel organizations treat a persons “creditworthyness” or lack thereof. I was venting on my blog, and this blog is my alter-ego. This is the kind of humor I find entertaining and you are, of course, not expected to agree or concurr in any way.

      So in closing I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read and comment. If you feel like replying to my questions, you are more than welcome to do so. And would I say such mean and cruel things about a person out loud and in public (such as their mustache shaving and yellow teeth of which i was only guessing at), no matter how rude they were to me? Of course not – Pointing out an individual persons physical flaws in public is unforgiveably cruel – right up the same alley with giving their real names, titles and the store number and town they work in. This is why I kept it vague – it could be ANYONE you know, or no one at all. It’s not that i’m a chicken, and if for some weird coincidence you recognize yourself as one of the actual persons i wrote about in my post, please feel free to name a time and date and I will be happy to tell you to your face how your rude treatment made me feel. But if you happen to have a mustache and yellow teeth, I won’t say a word – I’m sure you’re already aware of those facts and are either working on them, or have accepted them. (Good for you)

      My last question is – how the hell do you know I drive a shit yellow mustang? Either you recognized yourself in one of the situations at the store in question and this is your way of underhandedly admitting your status of NM, or you are truly a psychic! Either way, great to meet you. Come back anytime.


  5. Eyeball
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 08:05:22

    This story gave me a great laugh, but alot of it is stupid company policy that even the grocery store I work at uses. We don’t take checks that are not imprinted, can only write for $20 over, but we could care less about the check number. We run it through the micr reader on our checkstand, and if it passes SCAN (worldwide check authorization center) it prints your receipt.


    • surveygirl46
      Sep 06, 2009 @ 08:17:30

      Finally a grocery employee that GETS the HUMOR in the post – and the absurdity of some of the rules (that fact that some of the managers were rude was just an added humor bonus!) Thank you for stopping by and seeing the funny in the absurd. And by the way, I do understand the need (especially in today’s economy) for more stringent guards against costly fraud.

      Now that I finally have a grocery store employee’s blessing, I am free to puruse my strip down bagging on the credit card companies that lost their line of credit with me long ago! LOL…Have a great night!!


  6. Bill Bartmann
    Sep 19, 2009 @ 14:44:49

    Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read.. 🙂



    • BrandyD
      Jul 16, 2010 @ 04:57:09

      I like how you keep calling the managers bitches and nazi’s for just following company policy. It’s not their fault it is implemented those are just the rules, that’s just the way it is! I hate those costumers who think just because people know them by name they can break the rules. ITS POLICY! It doesn’t matter if they know you. The only reason those two checks got by with lower numbers is because the person processing them didn’t catch it, again an employee NOT doing their job by letting it get through. I turn down people all the time because I follow my policy guide, even if others don’t. Just because they’re crappy employees doesn’t mean I’m going to be too. You keep saying they could check if it bounced or not but as stupid as it sounds, IT DOESN’T MATTER because they’re not suppose to take it PERIOD! You should be ashamed of yourself for being so rude to someone just covering their ass. BECAUSE WHEN IT DOES GO THROUGH YOU BETTER BELIEVE THE MANAGERS ARE COMING DOWN ON THAT CHECKER WHO DID TAKE THAT CHECK! (EVEN IF IT DIDN’T BOUNCE)I’ve been written up for taking a check from a regular that didn’t have her ADDRESS printed on it. Did it have her name and number? Yes! Was it above 200? Yes! Did it go through? YES! and what? OH everyone knew her? YES! but did I foolishly break policy by not paying attention? YES! and was I written up for it? YES!!!! It’s nice your so proud of yourself for ruining someones day who had to refuse your check for a rule they DIDN’T MAKE and CAN’T CHANGE. I agree the rules are absurd but you don’t have to be a bitch to the cashiers for doing what they HAVE TO DO. And as far as that bagger who butted in is concerned, they need to mind their own business. They don’t understand all the consequences, especially since most of them are kids and they couldn’t care less if they lost their jobs or not. I’m not trying to rag on them, I was one myself but that’s how it is.


      • surveygirl46
        Jul 17, 2010 @ 00:30:10

        Hi Brandy,

        If you take the time to notice my blog it’s a HUMOR blog. It doesn’t mean that it’s your kind of humor – I don’t expect everyone to like what I write. I just take MY bad situations and use them in posts created in what I find funny. I wasn’t insulting the employees OVERALL, I was just speaking to the rude behavior of a couple of them. So don’t get your panties in a bunch, girl. I’m sure you are quite good at your job. But you sound pretty angry, so maybe you should buy a bottle of wine after work and get into the zen of relaxing.

        Thanks for you comments, and have a great day!

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