And It’s Gone! South Park Tells It Like it is….Their Way







For those of you who’ve checked out my blog Everything but the Furr on Humor Bloggers, you’ve probably seen my ever-changing gerbil avatar and the name And its gone!46.  Only a few people have asked me what it refers to and I found it kind of hard to explain so they could get the gist of it.  Although I find it hard to believe, there are many people out there who not only DON’T ever watch South Park, but fail to understand the genius of it’s humor! 

Anyway, now that the clip of And it’s gone! is again available through You Tube, I thought I would post it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, saw it but didn’t understand it, or if you just want to laugh at the way South Park bags on everyone, which I admit is why I started watching in the first place. 

Just thought I’d mention that all those cool You Tube video clips nearly went the way of the Tucker (some old defunct auto from the 30′).  South Park Studios was one of the innocent children caught in the middle of a tug-of-war battle between two of the obnoxious sub- galaxies of YOURSMELLYanus – Google and VIACOM.  VIACOM sued Google for over 1 billion dollars in damages because You Tube allowed the viewing, sharing and distribution among it’s  subscribers of the contraband visual aides, including all things South Park.  

The damages were assessed by the over 160,000 FREE SHOW views  that subscribers got when they downloaded South Park episodes and other VIACOM owned media. Yeah, that was damaging…Give me a fuckin’  break –  I seriously doubt any of the You Tube viewers got FREE LAPTOP DANCES along with their over 160,000 FREE SHOWING of pirated material, but to hear the news tell it, as far as VIACOM  was concerned, You Tube viewers might as well have been attempting home grown anal pornography featuring unauthorized exploitation of the cartoon character blow up dolls of Cartmen, Kenny and TIMMY!

Geez, I hate it when huge corporations forget to act like grown ups and refuse to play nice together, and when they don’t seem to appreciate where they stand in life.  Also, aren’t they supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us losers?  But as long as I’ve been alive they’ve always appeared to have been allowed to behave in whatever manner they wish, and seem to get off on staying in their roles of giant media bullies so I’ll just say what I always say about the kid glove treatment the rich and powerful people and corporations always get as a reward for behaving  badly – What a bunch of assholes.  OK let’s move on.   

Anyway VIACOME and Google worked it out somehow. Probably what happened was one of the giants  (most likely Google)  was persuaded to drop to it’s corporate knees and perform a cyber-blow job on the other guy, along with the paying of a hefty fine, I’m sure.   But whatever the details, it’s all good again for us because the South Park videos and clips are now back and available to everyone with no further repercussions – just like it should’ve always been. 

On to the clip – This is a parody goofing on the failing banking systems in America.  Some of us (me) have already experienced the fall-out of their greedy little shenanigans and incompetence, and all of us have at least heard the rumors of it. Yes, this is a very funny piece especially when it hits you that the writers of this series knows exactlywhat time it is. However, it’s also sad,  and more than a little scary,  that our first reaction to something so thinly disguised as strictly comedy dosen’t appear to be one of much concern or shock.  It’s an eye-opener for me that collectively our first reaction to this cartoon-exposure of an ugly reality in our society is to just laugh it off and put it on a shelf.  I understand, I do it too.  I mean, what can we do about it anyway, right?  Probably nothing.  A house divided cannot stand.  And we’ve been systematically divided by certain sectors for years – little by little, bit by bit.  We don’t miss what we don’t know is even gone right? 

But  LOOK at the genius of the South Park creators.  Think about it for a moment.  They probably know that most people who watch shows like South Park probably aren’t diehard TV news watchers, or believers of the crap we’re fed for that matter.   They’ve probably also figured out that the majority of  “normal” citizens in the nation take what’s shown on  South Park with a grain of salt, if they take it at all.  So what an ingenius way for someone to get views out to whoever cares to listen, and all without a lot of negative attention from the powers that be.   I mean really, when did anyone ever take stock in anything Cartman had to say? A cartoon fat kid most of the world finds extremely crass and vulgar, not to mention absurd and laughable.  Who’s going to listen to him when he openly states on late night TV that the Emperor Has No Clothes?  

And it’s gone! just stuck.   And I crack up every time I watch this clip, which is every day now.  Todd and I use it as our catch-phrase when we run out of something like butter or milk – AND It’s Goooone!     Or when there’s no money in the bank account – And IT’S gone!  Just hearing Todd say it in that perfect cartoon banker’s voice lightens any load I’m carrying. 

Yet I still can’t help but think about the other stuff  “and it’s gone!” applies to in our collective situation: Our personal rights and freedoms little by little, the loss of so many lives during 9 11, the waste of  countless young people,  sacrificed in a war on terrorism, our fading economic stability, the dwindling belief in our government,  and shrinking faith in our fellow human beings –  although I still have a well-placed faith in a handful, thank God.   (You know who you are.)

Ok enough public service announcement for today. Time to lighten up.  

So I leave you with a song that always cracks me the hell up, especially since I’ve met the kind of woman he’s referring to over and over again. 















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  1. Jason
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 02:42:35

    Hey great site!

    I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links with us. Let me know if this is possible.



  2. surveygirl46
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 03:48:38

    Hi Jason, I checked out your site too…very cool…what do we do? Just put a link with your blog on my blog and vice versa? Or is their some special tradition one must follow? Lisa


  3. thinkinfyou
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 12:04:14

    I’m a South Park junkie!!! I don’t want to be cured either. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are geniuses! I was just watching last night when they had a marathon of South Park Sex Ed. very informative ,funny and I learned something too. Tell me do you know what a hot karl is?


  4. lisa
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 16:24:55

    A Hot Karl – hmmm….would that be a more “steaming” mix of the ingredients that go into making a Sanchez DIRTY? (I’m googling it now…)


  5. FreakSmack
    Jul 17, 2009 @ 21:28:31

    I usually don’t tell people about this show cause it’s nice not a lot of people know about it. It may be the only good thing to come from Canada since John Candy. It’s like southpark but without trying to make any point at all… Enjoy


  6. FreakSmack
    Jul 18, 2009 @ 01:51:40

    From Russia with the love bone – That one is funny as hell


  7. kathcom
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 01:01:00

    And it’s gone…again!


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