Herpes Simplex 3: Phishing with the Master for Cooties…

My Latest (but not Greatest) Spammer
My Latest (but not Greatest) PHISHIN’ Pardner…
Mr. H  has his very own Live Internet web page and along with many listings written in slavic for porn, he  seems to also have recently taken an avid interest in learning all he can about herpes…and Wal*Mart, even if that means goin’ Phishin on the Internet for someone else’s articles (MINE) and posting them on his site. 
Mr. H. didn’t have an email on his LI page for me to contact him about this, so I just Googled his name and found a couple of his blogs.  Wouldn’t you know it! He had a comment section on his blog.  So I shot him an email explaining the editing mistakes I had found, and my position on the correct way of phishing and publishing my posts.  And of course,  I instructed him on the universal law of respect with regards to giving SG46 proper credit for any PHISH of mine he catches in the future, especially if he expects to keep surfin’ the herpes wave to fame and penicillin on my coattails . 
I kinda felt bad posting the details of my gripe with him in public, especially when I noticed my comment would be directly after his families very first congratulations salutations on his new blog, but I sent it anyway. 
**(Oh **ve – in case you’re still AWAY and didn’t get the message, your family says they’ll  be checking in with you via your blog real soon.  And they can’t WAIT to read more of what their little snookums has been up to!  I think they will be very impressed with the progress you’ve made in your chosen field, Mr. H*T! )
I bet your family is so proud of the documentaries you provide the whackin' community...

I bet your family is so proud of the documentaries you provide the whackin' community...

Last week, my sister emailed me a long advice-filled essay on how to get  UP THERE in the Google engine Top 100 ratings in an effort  to help me pubically promote all the writing I do.  Well, it turns out that there’s no problem with people finding my material.  The actual problem seems to lie with the mental caliber of the people who keep finding my material. 
This last month has been hell! First the 4 most clueless of  the world’s scammers sought me out and tried to  force me to take millions of dollars from a dead, orphaned rich guy.   Then the spammer’s special  Illiterati work training section thought their drooling  and gibberish would distract everyone long enough for them to steal and post in their herpes medical cream advertisement,  any post containing the word herpes. Guess who was the star of that website?
 Now it seems DOH ! -Cefus here has forgotten to tell me he was going Phishing  in my blogpond which is kind of rude to begin with.  But worse is that he mashed together a post using my Furr title – Be a  Herpes Hotties or Date One, but instead of content discussing sores and dating sites like it should’ve contain, he had mixed in my sarcastic Wal*Mart Thank You Customer spoof letter post I wrote a few weeks earlier, after being ripped off by checking account information thieves.  The MISHMASH post I saw on his website confused the hell out of me for the first 10 minutes after I found it, until I realized I had written all of it myself – at different times.   
Now while I pretty much agree with the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, even I draw the line on certain common sensical faux-paus.  I mean, come on –  you have to be able to at least match the subject of a post with the title you stick in front of it.  And also very important  is the skill to perform basic editing functions and the possession of  some kind of ability to concentrate on the obvious.  I have to tell  you honestly, I’m a little insulted that I keep getting scammed, spammed and phished exclusively by the cyber-morons of the internet.  What does that say about me that these Opies think I’m an easy mark?
And I have my STD crowd to think about.  Does anyone really think that it’s OK to mislead an adoring public that has taken a leap of faith in trusting I will continue to supply to them unsullied, the finest in herpes entertainment like they’ve come to expect?   I don’t think that cheating all those wonderful STD’ers out of what they’re owed in principle alone is good publicity in any way.  And I refuse to lose this fan base to simple sloppiness on the part of an internet Phisherman who is most l ikely using the wrong bait as a hook.  To allow this to happen to my people would be an outrage.  In fact, they’d more than likely get  sores     extremely upset and justifiably  shun my blog forever!  But judge for yourself if I’m off the deep end on this for no reason. So anyway…
Last night during my routine Google search of  “Everything but the Furr + Herpes” mentions, I came across Mr. H’s website with my article from my hit results.  Here they are, along with a basic grammer lesson thrown in for free.  This is now my official example to newbies of what NOT to do when trying to impress someone with your superior intelligence:
Be a Herpes Hottie or Date Oneв ¦ В« EVERYTHING BUT THE FURR

24 Jun 2009
But this is where Smiley really started to put two and two together. He reminded us that only you would go to this length to try to fool Wal*Mart into believing that a couple of its employees couldve slipped up and played right into the
davehat – http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/davehat  



 MY AUTHOR’S RIGHTS COMMENTS:  Yes, this is my work  Mr. H., however, you have ended up stringing a title from ONE article onto a sample of the post from another creating this Frankensteinian-type precusor of the living wreck yet to come – GOOD WORK !  




Be a Herpes Hottie or Date Oneв ¦ В« EVERYTHING BUT THE FURR

Четверг, 25 Июня 2009 г. 00:17 (ссылка) + в цитатник или сообщество +поставить ссылку

В колонках играет – DJ Smash
Настроение сейчас – lolJune 2, 2009YOU HAVE RECEIVED A WALLYGRAM:
We wanted to send you this Wallytam to shao our appresiation for the generous secret contribution to our Help the Tweakerly Disabled Obtain Free Electronics to Sell for Dope Community Program th at you made oj June 2, 2009.
Wal*Mart wasnt aware that you knew of this touchstone community service, let alone that you wanted to be part of the solution. We are touched.
Wal*Mart had noticed that you hadnt been in to see us for quite some time, or purchased any of our sweatshop run, Asian-made worthless pieces of plastic or cheap fabric products we keep on stock for consumers just like All of ux were really bwignning to ntice your absence fro, our Super Center.

MY AUTHOR’S RIGHTS COMMENTS:  Hmm..Where to begin. OK, first once again, there’s the Wrong title/Wrong post combo pack. Then please note the content of the article makes no logical sense whatsoever.  While I am sure that the majority of the employees at W*Mart do indeed know one or two things about herpes, I seriously doubt that the Wal*Mart Corp itself has given any thought to the fact that Herpes has brokenout on the public scene once again in a Big Big way.

PLUS you spelled some words wrong that were correct when the article was written. And how do I even know if those weird satanic looking scribbles are even russian?  For all I know it could be the dribble of some backwoods bigheaded banjo playin’ boy thinking he was engaging in an actual game of SLOOOOOW scrabble! 



LINK TO ACTUAL SITE: If anyone is interested.


So far  Mr. H  hasn’t responded to my comment I posted on his blog, regarding finding my article on his Live Internet tv site .
But what I’ve learned from this latest herpes post RAPE of my material is that you really have to hand it to these modern STD dating sites!  They really did their research and must have known they were  on to something big – anyway you slice the pie, it seems EVERYONE out on the Internet is interested in herpes in some way – contracting it or dating it.  Herpes seems to be our new GOLDEN WAY to human happiness and the promoting of  good moods all around!  I guess your heart does tend to SOAR when you got SORES!
OK HERE’S MY DISCLAIMER: Mr. H, this was purely meant in a funny sense, cuz face it – You blew it with the Walmart/Herpes connection of no connection.  I couldn’t resist! UNLESS there’s something I don’t know about Wal*Mart because the answer was in RUSSIAN on your site! So if you happen to read this PLEASE take it in the sense it was meant. I figured, Hey – between the Scammer, the Spammer and now you giving me ALL this free publicity the least I could do was return the favor right back at cha! Oh yeah – One last request.   DUDE! If you don’t know how to PHISH correctly, please for the love of ALL that is inpolitically correct, offensive and hysterical, STAY OUT OF THE POND! 
LIVE Internet.ru

LIVE Internet.ru

And Remember – I8NOPUNK! Don’t Be One Either…

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr Condescending
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 01:26:31

    I think I really need to read this over a couple times, this is confusing the hell out of me lol, but russia and walmart tend to do that…


  2. surveygirl46
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 02:00:08

    Mr C – It’s confusing the hell out of me too, and I wrote the damn thing.. I have to put it down to the delerious state of mind I was in when I composed what I THOUGHT was a structured thought pattern. SO i have sense cut and pasted it into what I really meant to portray and I think it follows one path now. See what I get for bagging on a poor guy whose computer was probably the REAL mishmash culprit! Ah the pot calling the kettle black.. LOL


  3. thinkinfyou
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 02:31:00

    What the hell kind of language is his site written in? Do you think his reader can read English anyways?


    • surveygirl46
      Jul 08, 2009 @ 04:32:20

      It’s weird, it’s some kind of czech or russian but note that certain words are clearly in english…LOL; that is actually why i kinda wrote the post, i really didn’t know for sure if he knew he had copied what he had. Even though he has an american name doesent’ mean crap…LOL


  4. Static
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 02:48:14

    Dave is an Ass Hat and a douchebag. I hear he blows it all the time and that’s why he has herpes on his lips.


  5. freaksmack
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 06:23:05

    I hate Pinko Commie Bastards, if I wasn’t busy sucking the nicotione out of this patch while rocking back and forth I’d kick his ass for you. I don’t know if it’s the withdraws or the russian but I still don’t exactly know what’s going on. I found 6 different pics of your boy there (all different 2 were female), he really sucks as a dj and his tag cloud on his site if you looked he covers everything from building a deck to Free Gay Sex to landscape rake to Mature lesbian sex. I don’t know how you commented, I can’t figure it out. God I need a smoke


    • surveygirl46
      Jul 08, 2009 @ 07:05:49

      I found one of his blogs to comment on. Sorry about the nico withdrawals, those suck. Try some free basing some 90% pure tar herion mixed with a 45% cocaine 2% dilaudid base…worked for me LOL


      • freaksmack
        Jul 09, 2009 @ 02:53:30

        i’d bang some bacon grease if I thought it’d help. I feel like i’m dying

  6. rsyianhfmjhj
    Oct 05, 2009 @ 20:46:01



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