Is There A Connection?
Did anyone else catch the Yahoo! news blurb from Friday April 24th, 2009?
Obama’s First 100 days in Office And Bea Arthur Dies
Is there a connection? Did Obama accidentally push a button in the oval office, causing the accidental physical destruction of Bea Arthur?
Was her personal Potrait of Dorian Gray found in a secret chamber underneath the White House, mistaken for a “weapon of mass destruction”and subsequently destroyed as the search for Osama Bin Laudin continues under the guide of a new presidential cabinet?
PSST! She did look pretty good for 86….
Maybe it was just a typographical snafu from the good people in the news department at Yahoo! Let’s hope so. I would hate to see anymore innocent celebrites fall victim to the shenanigans of our government, accidental or intentional. After all, we need to keep them safe
as they are role models for us ALL and we live vicariously through them!
They must be kept ALIVE and HEALTHY to pursue the answers to existence that elude us mere mortals; providing us the key so we can learn and become more educated on what is important-
Like finding the ultimate sanctuary in botoxed lips.
Like settling our spiritual conumdrums by offering us continued glimpses of “pube hair shots” in torn panties, such as the ones that Brittney has so eloquently provided for us….
We MUST stay on our guard and protect these benign entities of the light if we, as a species, are to survive and flourish..

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