You have heard of Paranormal State? Todd and I watch it all the time on A&E ON Demand.

The pyschically gifted team of young adults from some U.S. college, led by leader Ryan Buell, who travel to ordinary places in the U.S. to research and record scientific data of spiritual visitations, white noise, ghostly pictures and all sorts of other cemetary daredevil extreme sport that I would not attempt unless I had been given one day to live, was REALLY drunk and just didn’t give a shit. ( On second thought, maybe I’d send my pit boss dog Fluffy – He’d terrorize the demons back to hell, plus lately I’m thinking he deserves to have the SHIT scared out of him after all the irreplacable Dollar Store memoribilia of ours he’s destroyed).


Ryan and his troop are quite admirable. Some of the events they’ve appeared to witness on their series would have prematurely jump-started my waltz into the granny Depends era of my golden years . I have no doubt that these spooky entities exist, and I am a respector of sorts. No matter what I say every Sunday when I’m in church, hammered on vodka, and feeling the love and protection of Christ surrounding me, I would NEVER take a tape recorder and leave it in a cemetary, on a newly dug grave, in the middle of the night and come back in the morning to listen to what might be on it….NO WAY…. Like I said, the team of Paranormal State are a unique group of people.


There is ANOTHER unique group of people who walk among us, frequently participating in their own spirit world, with the help of “magical” substances . You may have guessed by looking at the picture of the gentleman at the top of this blog as to the subculture which I refer. The physical characteristics of these citizens, both genders, often include a bigheaded banjoboy dome, the size increase potentially caused by copious amounts of dopamine artificially running through their brains by overuse of their “happy” powder. They are usually very emaciated looking from lack of food and water, and their glazed, yet anxious eyes suggest that they have just seen spooky ectoplasmic activity and are deciding if they should hightail it to the nearest outhouse or just cut their losses and shit their pants where they stand. This group of people are the tweaker tax-dodgers of the state of what I like to call Paranoid, or Paranoid State.

But have no doubt, the subjects of Paranoid State are just as courageous as the denizens of the paranormal factor, maybe even more so. Whereas Ryan and his crew travel ONLY to where the ghostly sightings and disturbances are ocurring, the Paranoid-Staters seem to LIVE continually in the midst of where the ghostly sightings and disturbances are occuring.
This must account for the pasty skin and cross-eyed look of my subject. All in all, very spooky for everyone concerned.
To Be Continued as More Data Is Obtained….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sue
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 15:55:00

    Oh yeah, I love the ghosty shows, but can’t take the tweakers!


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